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Benedict Cumberbatch and tumblr text posts part 2, [part 1]

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BBC SHERLOCK movie AU: “The Empire”

The Bad Ones - They’ll hunt you down. A thrilling adventure about the hidden and twisted secrets of Jim Moriarty’s criminal network.

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Hey guys. So I usually get my prints done at staples, and last time I went, everything went extremely well. But when I went today, not only did they increase the price by nearly 20 cents per print, but the result was honestly crap. As you can tell, there’s a crappy border issue and I’d honestly hate to send these out to people at full price.

So I’m selling these at half price of $5 on my StorEnvy! I have 15 of these to sell, so if you want one and don’t mind the border, please feel free to take one!

Luckily I’ve discovered a print shop near my college that does amazing prints a way lower price, so I’ll be going there from here on in.

Also to all those who preordered the print yesterday, I’ll be sending you a pair of Sherlock and John buttons free of charge <33333

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Sherlock Challenge: ♔ Favourite Episode of Series One

The Great Game
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You are not a puzzle solver; you never have been. 
You're a drama queen.
Now there is a man in there who's about to die. The game is on.
Solve it!

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Who would he bother protecting?

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remember that one time the chief superintendent called sherlock a weirdo and john punched him in the fucking face

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A giggling Benedict is one of the cutest things in this world <3


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